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Hualian Hands Pin

Hualian Hands Pin

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This pin is available in two variants, a color and a black&white version!

Pre-orders should be shipped at the end of April/May, you're always free to email me if you miss any Twitter or Discord updates.

These pins are P4P (Pay for Production), therefore they will not have any type of grading. I'll still quality check them and will not be sending any pins I'm not comfortable with!

You're free to order more than one pin. For group orders (more than 10 pins), please send me an email to so I can arrange your order manually. This will allow you to better organize your group order with more time, as well as let me prepare better on shipping supplies for a bigger order.

Size: 55mm with 2 rubber clutches on the back so it doesn't ruin fabric
Gold plated with screenprint details