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Shipping Issues COVID-19


These times are still very uncertain, but I'll do my best to keep you updated here on everything going on regarding shipping from my country to others.


This is the general warning given by my postal service:
Due to COVID-19's restrictions, several Postal Operators are taking extraordinary measures to reduce human contact, with a reduction in the number of workers in all services. These measures translate into a strong impact on the operation, with anticipation of delays and a reduction in the quality of the service provided and the collection of signature in the Registered Mail and Parcels not always possible to ensure.

There was also an abrupt reduction in air transport services, implying the discontinuity of airlines, so that only a few destinations will remain in operation, albeit with limitations.

Source: CTT (portuguese postal service)


At this point in time, there are no countries I can't ship to. But as you know, I send all my packages with a tracking number so, and with the restrictions in place, there are several countries not collecting your signature. This means you need to be more aware of where your package is. Please give more time than usual for your package to be delivered, but reach out to your local post office if it's not delivered after 15 business days (Europe) and 25 business days (Worldwide).

Regarding me shipping your order: my local post office has some important restrictions in place, such as only allowing one person inside. A lot of people depend of this post office, especially older people. To minimize the impact and to not overwhelm them, I'm going to the post office to deliver batches of only 10 orders at a time, which may cause some delay and I'm very sorry about that!

As for preparing your order, I want you to know that I'm only leaving the house to go to the post office or to get groceries. I always wear a mask when going outside and wash my hands plus disinfectant when coming back home. I live with someone who is in the high risk group, so I'm extra careful when going out and coming back. Recent studies mention that the virus can't spread through surfaces or materials, but I still wanted you to know that I'm well and I'm taking extra measures while working on your orders and dropping them at the post office.

If you choose to buy something from my shop during this time, I'm super thankful for your support. It's been really hard to handle all the convention cancellations. Your support means a lot!


Please stay home, stay safe <3